02 March 2016


Greetings, my dear ones!

I was, once again, faced with a quandry whether to be "totally" out as a Solitary or to acquiesce to societal norms.  My habit, for the past twenty-three years (since I discovered this Path and came to terms with my personal beliefs), has been to "blend" in in deference to our rule to "Harm None" (myself included).  Perhaps, to some of you, this will come across as deceptive.  I think not.

Would it not be a worse offence to risk alienating or distancing relationships? The "Harm" would be done and there is the potential, thanks to preconceptions that we must deal with daily, understanding would not be forthcoming.  Thus, "Harm" would continue.

It's a personal decision, understandably, and not for everyone, to live pseudo-broom closeted in certain situations...but it maintains an equilibrium. Perhaps it's fear that keeps the Lair relatively private...but it's that very privacy which nurtures my little Solitary life.  The scent of the seasons, the warmth of the Sun, the loving shadows cast nightly by the Moonglow...these are individual enjoyments that connect me to Her and to our interwoven Path.

Truly, dear ones, this was merely a "vent"...a quick blog to collect my thoughts and feel your presence in this topsy-turvy world.  Thank you, my pets...your existence enriches and encourages.

In the softness of the Moonlight...

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